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Two-way Radio Walkie-talkie UV-5R Black

Two-way Radio Walkie-talkie UV-5R Black

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A two-way radio, also called a walkie-talkie, is a radio that can both transmit and receive, unlike a broadcast receiver that only receives content. With the UV-5R radio scanner transceiver, you can have conversations with other radios operating on the same radio channel. This compact and portable hand-held radio scanner transceiver operates in the frequency range of 144-146/430-440MHz (TX) | 136-174/400-520MHz (RX). It also includes a special VHF receive band from 65-108 MHz, which covers the regular FM broadcast band. The durable construction ensures its longevity. It is perfect for installing in your car or office for practical use.


  • Colour: Black
  • FM: 65-108MHz (radio, can receive, cannot be fired)
  • Frequency Range: 144-146/430-440MHz (TX) | 136-174/400-520MHz (RX)
  • FM Function
  • Number of Channels: 128
  • Operating Voltage: 7.2V DC 1800MAH lithium battery
  • Stepping Frequency: 2.5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 20 / 25KHz
  • Frequency Stability: ± 2.5PPM
  • Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
  • Output Power: High ≥ 0.5W
  • Current: ≤ 1.4A
  • Modulation Sensitivity: 8-12mV
  • Modulation Distortion: <10%
  • Modulation Limiting Broadband: <5KHz, narrowband <2.5KHz
  • CTCSS / CTCSS Deviation: 0.75KHz ± 50Hz, 0.37KHz ± 30Hz
  • Spurious Radiation: <7μW
  • Modulation: 16KΦF3E/11KΦF3E
  • Modulation Characteristics: 6dB / per fold frequency increments
  • Reference sensitivity: -122dBm (12dB SINAD)
  • Audio Distortion: <10%
  • Modulation Receiver Bandw


  • Can both transmit and receive message
  • Provide you with a chance to make conversation with others
  • Widely used in mobile, stationary base and so on
  • With a half-duplex operation system
  • Convenient and portable enough
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