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7FT 870 Branch Christmas Tree - Snowy White

7FT 870 Branch Christmas Tree - Snowy White

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas tree to brighten up your holiday season? Look no further than our 7FT Unlit Artificial Full 230 Branches Christmas Pine Tree! Crafted with superior PVC material and exquisite workmanship, this tree is not only durable but also a stunning addition to your home. Let's make this Christmas truly special and express your wonderful mood with this beautiful tree. Your dear families will be delighted on that day!


  • Easy setup: Main branches drop down in one second. With only 3 simple steps, you can quickly assemble this tree by putting the branches and metal stand together. Then, all it requires is for you to straighten out the branches.
  • Full height size: Our 7ft size, excluding the small tip on top, guarantees a taller than 7ft tree.
  • More tips: Elaborated with 870 branches, this tree showcases a vivid and lifelike appearance.
  • Sturdy and realistic: The metal tree base with 3 screws ensures stability for your tree, keeping it standing tall and stable. The blades of this Christmas tree are made from high-quality PVC material, providing a realistic and natural look.
  • Warranty 100%: We offer prime satisfaction customer service to guarantee your confidence in purchasing this tree.


  • Material: Leaves are made of PVC material.
  • Product Height: 7FT (Without Tree Top Branches).
  • Product Weight: 12.13lb / 5.5kg.

Get ready to celebrate Christmas in style with our 7FT Unlit Artificial Full 230 Branches Christmas Pine Tree. Add your personal touch to make it shine and create memories that will last a lifetime. Buy now and make this holiday season truly magical!

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