Smashproof Mug Postage Boxes


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These strong mail packing boxes are ideal for shipping your sublimation/personalised mugs to customers, expertly designed to proved top class impact protection for your mugs when in transit. Not only are these super protective boxes designed to keep your mug safe during shipping they can double up as gift boxes ensuring maximum protection for your mugs product during delivery.

The Xetch Smash proof Shipping Mug Box Fits standard 10oz and 11oz Mugs made with super strong Hi-Grade Double walled card for that added peace of mind – beware cheap imitations!

To keep our postage costs as low as possible our smash resistant mug boxes are shipped flat packed, this means they make up less storage space for you too – but don’t worry they are super easy to fold taking less than 30 seconds a box! Remember to stand your mug upright and NOT on its side to ensure our protective packaging can work as designed!

Our mug mailer boxes as easy to use simply build up the box (no tape required!), then place your single mug upright into the mug box, next fold and lock the snug fitting lid in place. For extra protection and security it’s best to tape the box shut around the lid.


•  Average weight 100grams per box
•  Box External dimensions: 15cm x 11cm x 9.5cm Box
•  Internal dimensions : 10.6cm x 10cm x 8.4cm
• Lightweight & strong
• Impact resistant with multi-directional strength
• Perfect for 10oz & 11oz mugs with large or small handles

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 11 cm




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