Workbench Heavy-Duty Steel Pegboard Drawer – Grey


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Maximize your workspace with the GW Brands Workbench! This standalone work surface offers integrated storage, making it an ideal solution for workshops, sheds, and garages where space is at a premium. The workbench features a spacious working top (119 x 59 cm) with a durable MDF board (9.30mm thickness) that can handle even the toughest DIY projects. The drawer (113 x 57.6 x 6.2 cm) provides ample storage for all your essential tools, keeping them within easy reach.

The workbench also features a pegboard (119 x 53 cm) with 12 pegs, perfect for organizing frequently used tools. An upper storage tray (119 x 26cm) and bottom storage shelf (119 x 59 cm) provide additional storage space for larger items. The MDF boards are sturdy and built to last with varying thicknesses depending on the part of the workbench.

Assembly is easy thanks to the slot system, and non-slip rubber feet ensure stability and protect your floor. This workbench is the perfect DIY basecamp for any home project.


  • Pegboard: 119x 53 cm, MDF Board thickness 5.20mm, comes with 12 pegs.
  • Working Top: 119 x 59 cm, MDF Board thickness 9.30mm.
  • Upper Storage Tray: 119 x 26cm, MDF Board thickness 4.50mm.
  • Drawer: 113 x 57.6 x 6.2 cm, MDF Board thickness 5.20mm.
  • Bottom Storage Shelf: 119 x 59 cm, MDF Board thickness 6.8mm.
  • Overall: 119 x 59 x 112 cm
  • Colour: Grey

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Dimensions 119 × 59 × 112 cm


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