Nab Fish and Treasures with Heavy Duty Magnets!

Nab Fish and Treasures with Heavy Duty Magnets!

Discover a Unique and Thrilling Hobby: Magnet Fishing!

At first glance, fishing with magnets might sound like an unusual concept, but trust us, it's a fascinating pastime that's rapidly gaining popularity. While traditional anglers are out there reeling in dinner or chasing elusive fish species, magnet fishers are engaging in a wholly different adventure – one that involves unearthing hidden treasures and cleaning up our waterways. In this post, we'll answer your burning questions about magnet fishing and hopefully inspire you to give it a try. Warning: You might just find yourself irresistibly drawn to this captivating activity!

What is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing is precisely what it sounds like – fishing with magnets. It's as simple as attaching a rope to a powerful magnet, casting it into the water, and hoping it latches onto something intriguing that you can retrieve and take home.

The origins of magnet fishing are quite practical. How many times have you dropped your car keys down a drain or lost your favourite knife overboard while fishing? Many of us have experienced these frustrations, and magnet fishing likely sprang from a desire to recover lost items. Over time, it has evolved into a captivating hobby that combines elements of environmentalism and treasure hunting.

So, why should you consider taking up magnet fishing? There are numerous reasons. It allows you to make a positive impact on the environment by removing debris from the water, making your local river cleaner and safer for everyone. Moreover, you can enjoy the thrill of fishing without any harm to aquatic life. But the real allure of magnet fishing lies in the endless possibilities of finding sunken treasures.

What Can You Catch?

The beauty of magnet fishing is that it opens up a world of exciting possibilities. Anything containing iron is within your reach, from common items like nuts, bolts, and signposts to more unexpected finds like bicycles, tools, and even the occasional old boot.

One of the most exhilarating discoveries you can make with your magnet is a safe. Surprisingly, old safes are not uncommon in rivers. While most turn out to be empty, some were likely discarded after a robbery. Yet every so often, a lucky magnet fisher stumbles upon a genuine treasure chest.

For the ultimate magnet fishing jackpot, keep your eyes open for guns. Rivers and canals, particularly in Europe, are known to yield numerous firearms, many of which date back to World War II. Some revolvers found are still in working condition, but if you ever come across a modern weapon, it's best to contact the authorities, as there may be a compelling reason why it was disposed of in a waterway.

Essential Magnet Fishing Gear

Ready to give magnet fishing a whirl? The great news is that you don't need an arsenal of equipment to get started. An entry-level magnet fishing kit can be yours for as little as £50, making it accessible to virtually anyone.

Here's what you'll need to embark on your magnet fishing adventure:

1. Magnet: The heart of your operation. Opt for a neodymium fishing magnet, with one-sided magnets for secure gripping or two-sided magnets for thorough scanning. Many recommend a magnet with a minimum pulling force of 500 pounds to ensure optimal results.

2. Rope: A sturdy, synthetic rope is essential. Materials like nylon are excellent choices as they resist rotting and remain lightweight when wet. Approximately 15 meters of high-quality climbing rope should suffice, depending on your fishing location.

3. Gloves: Given the nature of magnet fishing, gloves are a must. Basic work gloves from your local hardware store will do the trick. Just ensure they offer enough dexterity to feel the magnet's grip when it catches onto something.

Magnet Fishing Tips for Beginners

You've gathered your gear and created a mental list of dream finds. Now, it's time to hit the waters. While magnet fishing is straightforward, a few tips can help jump-start your iron-finding adventures:

1. Where to Fish: Metal lurks in most rivers and ponds where people gather. Bridges, canals, and piers are popular hotspots, as they often witness key drops, knife slips, and the occasional bike accident. Piers and jetties can also yield vintage fishing lures. For more exciting finds, conduct some research – famous historical sites, old riverside roads, and historic harbours are worth exploring. River mouths and spillways are also fertile grounds for objects carried downstream.

2. Knot Know-How: To attach your rope to the magnet, a simple knot will suffice. The figure 8 follow-through and the palomar are two popular and easy-to-tie options. Importantly, these knots won't come undone when put to the test.

3. Getting Unstuck: It's common for beginners to get their magnet stuck on fixed metal objects like bridge railings or pier columns. If it happens to you, try sliding the magnet off sideways first to reduce the resistance. If that fails, use quick, sharp tugs from the side. As a last resort, enlist a couple of passersby for a good old-fashioned tug-of-war.

Dangers of Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing, while thrilling, comes with a few potential risks, and it's essential to be aware of them:

1. Cuts and Injuries: Dragging rusty metal from the water poses the risk of cuts and injuries. Wearing gloves for significant finds is crucial. Consider a tetanus booster if it's been a while since your last one.

2. Unexploded Ordnance: In Europe, and even in the UK, unexploded bombs from World War II are sometimes discovered in waterways. If you come across one, lower it back into the water carefully, secure your rope, and contact the authorities.

A Whole New Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

In conclusion, you could argue that magnet fishing isn't quite traditional fishing, as fish aren't the primary catch. Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself by the water, with no fish biting and a yearning for a new adventure, why not try your hand at magnet fishing? It's a win-win – you'll help clean up your local river while uncovering hidden treasures that are sure to make your day unforgettable. Dive into the world of magnet fishing and explore the mysteries that lie beneath the water's surface – you won't be disappointed!
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